Monday, June 20, 2022

Take a Trip Back to the Farm with Mandy's New Children's Book!


Holly the Holstein: Talks About Milk Cows: Farmer, Mandy: 9798836444990: Books

Meet Holly the Holstein and learn about the life of a milk cow on a family farm. In this interactive children’s book, Holly will talk about different breeds and how work gets done on the farm. How much milk does a cow produce each day? Holly knows. How much does a cow eat? Holly knows.

Meet Holly and the other cows and farm animals.
Pay attention as you read so you can answer Holly’s questions about the farm and the animals who live there.

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I would really appreciate your support. Purchase a book for your children/grandchildren/local library. Then return to Amazon and leave a review. Thanks.


"I was excited to purchase this first book by one of my favorite bloggers. Mandy has such a way with children,  and this book makes that so evident. My grandson wanted me to read it with him right away. As we were reading it, he asked, "Are you keeping this? It's GOOD!"  Kid-approved and Grandma-recommended." -Bettie G

"It’s so cute!  I’ll have to order a couple more!" - Kandy C.

Order yours at Amazon today and get the kindle version for free! Be sure to go back and leave a review. It helps with the search process to have lots of A+ reviews.

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  1. Love this Mandy!
    Visiting today from IMM#1&2

    1. Thank you. I never expected to write a children's book but here it is! I am very excited and everyone has been so supportive. God bless you


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