Saturday, May 7, 2016

Portrait of my Mother

an adaptation of the Proverbs 31 Woman (The Voice)

Who can find a truly excellent woman mother? 

One who is superior in all that she is and all that she does?

    Her worth far exceeds that of rubies and expensive jewelry.

She inspires trust, and her husband’s heart is safe with her,

    and because of her, he has every good thing.

Every day of her life she does what is best for him,

    never anything harmful or hurtful.

Delight attends her work and guides her fingers

    as she selects the finest fabrics and patterns for sewing.

She moves through the mall and discount stores 

like a butterfly flitting from flower to flower, 
arriving home with bargains 
and fine treasures for her family.

She rises from bed early, while we milk the cows,

 carefully preparing a delicious breakfast for us.

She has a plan. 

She computes the farm finances. 
She plants a garden or two.

She wraps herself in prayer

carries herself with confidence,
    and works hard, 
strengthening her arms for the task at hand.

She sells books in town during the day 

and teaches piano in the evenings.

Mom, Dad, & grandchild, Carson

 Her hands skillfully 
sew a dress with one while holding a baby in the other.

Mom and Aunt Ruby

She reaches out to foster children and takes dinner to a grieving or hurting neighbor.

She is not worried about the cold or snow for her family, 

for she has bundled them up in hats and scarfs
 and covered them with prayer.

Mom on the cruise 2016

 She makes
for her grandchildren 
and is always clothed
 in bright pink or red.


Everyone recognizes her husband

 in the public square,

    and no one fails to respect him

 as he takes his place 
on the school board
 and the Gideons.

Mom and I.
 I'm wearing the dress she made
for her wedding.

She makes satin dresses
for brides & their maids 

    and she sells seeds 

to people everywhere online.

Clothed in strength and dignity, 

with nothing to fear,

    she smiles when she thinks

 about the future.

Mom & I 1965
She sings with the ladies at church, 


and teaches Sunday School 

 every Sunday 

She directs the Vacation Bible School 

every summer and seldom 

takes a moment for herself.

Her Children rise up and call her blessed

Family at 60th Anniversary Cruise 2016

    Her husband, too, joins in the praise, saying:
“There are someindeed many—mothers 
who do well in every way, 
but of all of them only you are truly excellent.”

Charm can be deceptive and physical beauty will not last,
    but a mother who reveres the Eternal should
be praised above all others.
Celebrate all she has achieved.
    Let all her accomplishments publicly praise her.


Just a few of the things I could say about my mother;