Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Quick! Everybody Hide!

It was a treat to be rambling down the road, traveling anywhere. The dairy farm kept us all pretty close to home when we were growing up. Mom always had games for us to play, such as finding a license plate from each state or singing songs. And then again maybe the Silent Game when she had had enough noise out of 5 or 6 kids.

Often during those times, someone would yell out, "Quick! Everybody hide! It's a policeman". Why we thought we had to hide from the police is beyond me. We were a law abiding family, but it happened many a time.  Daddy would assure us that there was no reason to hide, but, nevertheless, we all ducked down so as not to be seen.

Our parents were diligent to teach us to obey the laws of the land throughout our lives. And even more the laws of the home. We got by with very little that I remember. Through their lives and their teaching, we learned that if we obeyed the laws, then there was no worry because we would not be arrested. In fact, the policeman was our friend. He is someone we could go to for help. We could trust them.

Maybe my parents read us the scriptures in Romans 13 that suggests this very thing. Do what is right and you will not have to be worried.  Even if we are imprisoned, if we do what is right in God's eyes, in the long run, we'll be commended for doing right and rewarded with eternal life.

Grandma & me

Of course, we tried to keep each other on the "straight and narrow".  I'm told that once I even reported my grandmother to the family when she was stopped by a policeman while she and I were out together.

 Sorry Grandma. :)  

my nephew, Lucas and his son

I guess, Mom and Dad's teaching stuck because they now have several grandchildren serving in the military and one on the police force. We couldn't be more proud of our law enforcers.

What a heritage!

My grand-nephews, Colbey & Carson (future cops)
Nephew (Army), Lincoln in Iraq

Nephew, Rik (National Guard)

Pedro's daughter, Christina (Air Force)

Pedro (TSA) & son, Pedro (Air Force)