Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Guest Post : Thank God for Farmers

My cousin, Mandy, asked me to post on her blog, about growing up on the farm. We went to the dairy farm to visit our cousins on weekends or holidays.

My memories of Thanksgiving are of large family gatherings around several tables in the immense country kitchen. Mary, the hired help, was the kindest person I had ever met. Mary was Amish or Mennonite; she wore a dark dress with straight pins instead of buttons and was so soft spoken. She was willing to let the kids help any way we could, always teaching us something as we helped in the kitchen. The children sat at our own table, where we could giggle and visit with our cousins.            .

                After lunch on Thanksgiving, we often went out to play in the snow, and the adults would gather around the piano to sing, while my aunt played the piano.  Then my uncle would go take a nap, before it was time for the family to get back out to the barn for the next round of milking.

I always felt so bad for my cousins. They had to get up early in the morning, go out to help milk the cows, or feed the calves. They had more chores than I could ever imagine – many of which had to be done before school or visiting with company. On occasion I got to help feed the calves, which was fun for a change, but I was grateful I did not have to do this every single day.

I did not grow up on the farm, rather, I grew up in the suburbs; close enough to walk to school in less than 5 minutes, to ride our bikes to the community pool or drive our car the mall in 10 minutes. Additional reasons to live in the suburb include; not having to drink warm, whole milk, right after the cow milking was done, or drinking homemade Root beer – with no carbonation.

                I am delighted to say, all my cousins grew into fine adults, and all the chores did not appear to harm them. LOL.   I truly Thank God for the farmers, they keep our nation fed. God make us all uniquely wonderful and awesome. He loves us all. Remember, others may judge you, but God is a loving, forgiving God, and he is Always ready to forgive our sins and Loves us more than we can hope or imagine.

                God Bless

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