Thursday, November 12, 2015

Guest Post : Gettin' Back to my Roots ...

Gettin' Back to my Roots...

I have been invited by my sister to contribute to her blog, "Raised in a Barn".  Being raised on a farm just seems like normal to me, cause that was my normal!  I do remember feeling sorry for my friends who lived in "town" because they only had a house and a small yard, and omigosh! we had acres and acres of living space.  Turns out, we weren't as wealthy as I thought we were!  Our parents made us feel like we never lacked a thing.  As an adult, I realize how blessed we were; though not necessarily in physical things.  We were blessed to have a Christian heritage that was passed down through many generations.  We grew up in a household where there was no yelling and fighting between our parents (well, maybe some between the siblings, but it was probably Mandy who started it!)  We thoroughly enjoyed Sunday afternoons, playing with our cousins and uncles. Holidays were a blast, with people everywhere!  To this day, I feel like we have to have lots of people around at holidays.

One thing that I never enjoyed was having to do chores before school, and before we could go anywhere in the evening.  But I even look back at that and am so glad that our parents taught us a good work ethic.  We also learned the art of hospitality.  My parents opened our home to many types of people - missionaries, inner-city youth, foreign exchange students, and foster kids.  We learned that our home could be a haven and a blessing.  This continues to be a love of mine - to entertain and open our home to others.

My husband and I have recently decided to downsize.  We sold our home in "town", bought some acreage in the country, and put a home here.  It is decidedly smaller than our previous house, but seems much easier to manage.  We plan to plant a garden, get some chickens and other livestock, and live off the land. Though it is a further drive to work, we are enjoying it immensely.  There is much work to do, but that's half the fun, right?  We have already be able to entertain here and have plans to make our place a place for God to use.

I thank God for the family he placed me in, for my siblings who are now scattered around the country, and for the blessed heritage I enjoy.

Thanks for letting me share!!

Mandy's Big Sis,

Kandy Chimento
Gettin' Back to my Roots
Liberty Hill, Texas


Thanks to my big sister for guest blogging for me today. Just be sure not to believe "everything" she says!

And, oh, go visit her blog at Gettin' Back to my Roots

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