Thursday, October 29, 2015

Halloween Adventures

"Rocks and splintered glass flew across the bed ..." 

I’ve never been that fond of Halloween.

If  you were to ask a psychologist, they would probably say it has to do with an incident just after my birth. I was only a few days old when Mom and Dad brought me home from the hospital. It was Halloween or the day before.

Uncle George's Place
We lived here when I was born.
My bassinet was at the end of Mom and Dad’s bed which was placed under a large window in the master bedroom. We lived way out in the country. Out where young boys loved to go and play pranks.

On this particular night, the boys decided it would be funny to throw rocks through the windows of farm homes.

It happened just after Mom lifted me from the bassinet. Rocks and shattered glass sprayed across the bed. And the rocks flew across the end of the bed just missing the bassinet.

I don’t remember any of this, so I doubt that this is why I am not particularly excited about Halloween.

A better reason could be because I don’t like being scared, or maybe cause I don’t like to dress up. As a child, I never liked dressing up in anyway that required a mask. Since I can’t see a thing without my glasses, they had to be worn. But glasses under a mask steam up so, then, I couldn’t see for that reason.

Now this doesn't mean that I never enjoyed Halloween. I have some fond memories of Trick or Treating back in the day. 

We didn’t visit every home in town like they do now. We only visited the families that we knew and vice versa. I remember mom driving us to the neighbor friends, especially the elderly couple up the road (Yoder, I believe). I liked them best because they bought the large candy bars and let us choose which kind we liked.

One thing I miss now-a-days, is the fun of guessing who is behind the mask. The kids just come to the door and many times don’t even say trick or treat, they just hold out their bags for the goodies.
I remember the Deckerd family, nearby farmers. I believe they had three boys. But their dad loved dressing up, though it was usually just a sheet over his head like a ghost. He was a big tease. It was always a hoot when they arrived trick-or-treating. And it didn’t take much to guess who it was!

It look something like this
I recall a few times when the youth or 4-H would have a Halloween party. I got creative so that I wouldn’t have to wear a mask. Once, I took a large box and created a large die.

I thought that was pretty creative, but I didn’t even win a prize. Dave Barber won Most Creative. He came as a tube of toothpaste. Ugh!

It looked a lot like this

Another time, I took my dad’s overcoat and closed the neck above my head. Then stuffed paper in the shoulders to be a headless horseman. That was pretty fun. No one could guess it was me.

How about you, any favorite Halloween adventures on your part?



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