Thursday, October 8, 2015

Laughter on the Stairs

This isn't us,
but it sure could have been!
Dad tells a story about a man meeting with him at the house one time. At the time, Mom was away but we, children, were home. (5 of us at that time). One by one we had each come through the living room and up the stairs. The man watched as each of us ascended the stairs and then said to Daddy,

 “Your wife must be a knock-out!”

So ... Did he think Dad wasn't all that good looking, or what?

We had many occasions where laughter resounded from the stairs. One event occurred more than once at Grandma and Grandpa’s house. It may have happened every month when we all came together for family dinner. That was the infamous train slide down the stairway. What fun. 

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Life Hacks for Kids

Now kids love to slide down the stairs, but we added a twist to ours. We, cousins, would gather at the top of the stairs and slide down holding to the legs of the cousin in front of us. We ended up in a laughing pile on the floor at the bottom. There were 17 of us, though because of age differences, we probably never had all 17 sliding down at once, but it was a heap of fun and laughter.

Let me share one more ...

Our home in Wisconsin had a narrow hallway that led from the kitchen to the family room.
In that hallway was a door that led to the basement. If the door was open, it would pretty much block the hallway.
I recall a day that my brother Alex went to the basement for something and left the door open. Mom had been in the family room and came back into the kitchen closing the door as she came.
Just as the door closed, we heard these awful sounds of bumps and thumps of something falling down the steps. Then there was the thud and a, “Uhhh.”

A look of horror crossed Mom’s face as she turned to open the door, expecting to see her son crumpled at the bottom of the stairs. But, you know how those old doorknobs are; the harder you try to open the door the tougher it is to get open. She turned and twisted the knob and finally the door opened.

There on the top stair, stood Alex with a grin.
 “Hi, Mom!”, said he.

Mom had indeed closed the door on him, but not to his fate. Quick on his feet, he decided he would play a little joke and made all the noises of falling down the steps.

Everyone burst into laughter; though I’m thinking Mom might have had a few others ideas in her mind besides laughing!

Alrighty, siblings and cousins. Your turn to make us laugh. Share your funny memory from the farm. 

Just Reminiscing!

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